Happiness is also an Achievement

August, 2015, some minutes past 9am, on the walk way,as he trekked home, he eyes were teary and ever ready to release the clogged tears in his eyes, they weren’t tears of joy, rather, tears of ineffable pains, shock and heartbreak he received few minutes ago.

5 ft tall, fair in complexion, a fresh secondary school graduate from a poor family background. You might wonder how his parents had survived to make him survive a 6 year uninterrupted secondary school education, for a boy like him, whose fate was no match to the kids next door, they had the moon and stars in their palms and at their reach, all times. His begger was choiceless, and he would have to settle for less, at least, just to survive.
Half loaf is better than none.

He walked continuously, just like the loser he had always been,
“get out of my shop you this unfortunate being and bad luck! Make you no bring bad luck come my market this early morning o,” this rang in his head, like a 6am alarm on a monday morning which triggers the brain’s alertness for the start of a new week.

He had walked around the whole market for hours in search of assistance, not for money, nor food, but for a pair of shoes to wear.

All he ever wanted and craved for, was a pair of shoes to wear after 6 years of pains, hardship and endurance, under the scorching sun and heavy downpour of rain, bear footed to class, sometimes, on slippers, which happens to be some of his lucky days, with the mindset to see himself on the same level as his peers one day, when he will also get to put on shoes on his graduation day.

He felt heartbroken, dream shattered and hopeless. As silly as his dream might be, achieving it might have made him the happiest child on earth that day.

As silly as that dream of yours looks like, achieving it might make you the happiest person on Earth.

We find our happiness in so many things and ways, although silly atimes, but what is sacrosanct and paramount is the happiness coupled with the achievement.

Achievement without happiness isn’t achievement, but just a job well done.

And if you don’t have that capability to facilitate one’s achievement and dreams, you will be doing alot of good to that person if denied politely, rather than been harsh.

(Based on a true life experience.)

written by, Adam Olanrewaju

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