Lagos Continental Hotel, re-open after 7 month of closure

The management of Lagos Continental Hotel said, now that the Schools, Hospital, Club, Organizations and Industry as started operating back on their normal day to day activities. Though we are looking forward to our forecasted insight hoping for positive outcome.


While speaking with the newsmen, stated, we’re planning on re-opening of the hotel after seven months of lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic and the refurbishment/and upgrading of the hotel facilities.


The General Manager, Marcel Brekelmans, said having been able to handle the major hindrances such of water operating, power supply and cooling system they are looking forward toward welcoming their guests and customers “whilst offering our warm and sincere hospitality as always.”


In adherent to him, to meet the highest standard of hospitality they used the period of the lockdown to make some rehabilitation in order to improve the user’s facilities to meet the needs and demands of the modern business traveller’s.


Brekelmans added “our main goal is to offer the best value for money in a very serene, secured and well conducive environment. We strive to maintain high standards in all aspects of our work, from installing full size scanners at our entrance door, to gearing up the easy accessibilities to our rooms and public areas, the reconceptualization of our restaurants and bars, with the actions carried-out by our staff development programme.”

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