Huawei declared as top employer in Nigeria

 Huawei Technologies Nigeria has announced as one of the top job providers in Nigeria.


This statement was emerged by The Top Employer Institute said the entity received the annual ‘Top Employers Certification Award’ for the second year in a row, in recognition of its egregious employee practices in Nigeria.


“Huawei sub-Saharan Africa obtain it’s Continental HQ Certification for 2021, after being certified as top employer in four or more countries, which encompassed Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Kenya.


“The Top Employer Institute is a global authority based on it’s excellence in people practices. Though the institute’s certification scheme, and participating companies are annually oversighted, surveyed and accredited as leading employers with the respect and commitment of their human resources practices and capability,” the company proclaimed.


In composition to the development, Huawei Southern Africa Region HR Director, Chen Yu, cited: “Winning the Top Employer Award is in recognition of Huawei’s high standards and commitment to motivate and gearing up our employees to work with the highest dedication and passion. Huawei was made available in creating job opportunities for all, so as to build up a solidarity in a pluralistic workforce with a focus conjoined to professional development, health, safety in course of work and employee well-being.”

Yu connote that Huawei is persistently forecasted on growing the information and communications technology skills of its people, to meet the needs of future digital development and economy.


“The Top Employers Institute scheme certifies the entity based on the results of its ‘Human Resources Best Practices Audit’ accomplished on each entity after the successful completion of a highly intense survey. The dimension topics covered people strategy, work environment, talent acquisition, learning, well-being, diversity, change management, performance management, culture and more,” he stated.


Subsequently, the Chief Executive Officer of Top Employers Institute, David Plink, cited, “regardless the obstruction year we have experienced, Huawei has continued to demonstrate the power of putting their people needs as it’s first priority .


“We are proud and extremely  jubilant to share this year’s announcement and congratulate the entity who have been certified in those respective countries through the Top Employers Institute scheme.”

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