Glutting of Tomato in Enugu, led sellers to drop the cost of the commodity

Some tomato sellers in Enugu have engage to the current drop in price of the commodity to its harvest season which has led to a glut.


 A Correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) made a visit to some of the major markets in Enugu on Saturday, narrating that a big basket of tomatoes now sells for N11,500 dropping down against the recent  price of N16, 000.


Adherently to the traders, the price of tomatoes usually dropped during its harvest season.


Miss Oge Madu, One of the notorious seller, at Garki Market, stated that the major reason for the sudden reduction in price of tomatoes was due to the huge cultivation of tomatoes in Enugu (Nsukka).




“The Nsukka tomatoes are also glutted  the markets and this has made the commodity to reduce in price.


“ In the rainy season tomatoes are scarce, the prices become expensive, but in  summer season, they are surplus and the prices usually drop,” Madu said.


Afterward, Mr Rufus Ozor, a tomato seller at new Akwata in Garki Market, said that the prices of tomatoes had excessively dropped in Enugu markets.



“A small basket of UTC tomatoes that comes from Jos now goes in the range of  N7,000 and N8, 500 as against N13,000 in October.


“A month ago, UTC tomatoes was scarce and expensive, but now it has flooded the markets making it affordable by everyone,” Ozor said.


Whilst, the pepper sellers on the other hand, have lamented over the appreciation in the price of pepper in the markets.


Miss Agnes Onu, a pepper seller at Mayor market, said that a bag of  ‘Scotch Bonnet Pepper’ “ata-rodo” which was previously sold for N8,000, now sells for between N13,500 and N17,000.



“Though this is pepper planting period that is why it is scarce now,” Onu said.


Another pepper seller added, who spoke on condition of anonymity added that the higher cost of transportation also added to the tremendous increase in price of the commodity.


“What l knew is that we sell as we buy from the farmers that bring it to the market,” she noted.






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