Giving God Recognition

For the first time in years, I had tears rolled down my cheeks. I was gradually losing hope,and never really thought people or even a person would appreciate that kind of person I am and turning to.

I have the abilities,I’m quite intelligent and believe my write ups are inspiring and motivating.
However, I still do not get that expected likes and comments when I post them.I felt something was missing. What could it be?

Though, my intentions were to pass inspiring and motivating message. Good and Excellent!

But I finally came to realize how egoistic, blindfolded, blate and mundane I was, when I made my intentions and when I lift my pen to write. I realized how extrinsic I had been from the Intrinsic, God!
I didn’t give Him the expected recognition in my intentions,as I was engrossingly writing for “mere likes.”

But everything changed, and I felt a peace at heart when I start giving HIM all the recognitions,and saw myself as nothing,but just a vessel of the Divine in this cosmos.

Now, I’m getting those recognitions I had wanted,years ago,because I have given unto HIM as well,a great deal of recognition.
I can’t always hold back my tears,when I recieve calls and messages of people,just to tell me how inspiring I am and have inspired and affected thier lives positively.

I won’t stop giving HIM that recognition, because HE is just too Indispensable and Invaluable in the life of a dream chaser and a successful figure.

The Message;
Yes,You might be good at something,and you gain and get alot of recognition from it,
But,of what essence is such a recognition,when you have failed to even recognize God in what you do?!
You need to realize that,you might not,as well,get that recognition you ever wanted or needed all times or even when you needed it most.
Why?-because Humans are not perfect.
You are not,and those people around you are not.
And by not being perfect,people can disappoint you,or vice versa.
But with God,everything just seems perfect,and HE never dissapoints in any and every situation.

Start behaving like that Human God has created you to be. Do you even know the intended meaning of Human Being, “their sense of humour, thinking, lifestyle and actions, are in correlation,glorification and adoration to the creator.”

So, you should rather just give HIM all recognition,and HE will surely give you all the recognition you needed presently, in the future and even when you leave this cosmos, your lagacy will not leave, but will live on.

Give HIM recognition in all you do,all the steps and moves you take and make, and you will never regret doing so.

A scholar said, “I won’t be surprised if a man succeeds without God,but forever will I keep on wondering and asking how, if his success lasts long enough, without God”.

Start Giving God Recognition now and always

by; Olanrewaju Adam

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