Economist implore fast form approval of proposed N13.08 trillion 2021 budget

Mr Moses Igbrude, an Economist, Mr Moses has inculcate the National Assembly (NASS) to accelerate the procedure of approving of the proposed N13.08 trillion for 2021 budget, in order to patch the downturn in the economy breakdown caused by outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic.

Igbrude, the CEO of Ogu Investment, made it cleared in an interview with the Newsmen in Lagos on Thursday.

He said, speaking against the decorated analysis of President Muhammadu Buhari documented for the 2021 budget foresight to a joint session of the National Assembly (NASS) on Thursday Oct. 8, 2020.


The proposed expenditure is put at N13.08 trillion with a crude oil benchmark price of $40 per barrel and daily oil production estimate of 1.86 million barrels (inclusive of condensates of 300,000 to 400,000 barrels per day).

Subsequently to Igbrude statement, NASS must strict with the screening of the proposed budget with the aim of changing the devastated economic worsened by the health pandemic.


He afterward ascertain that the 2021 proposed budget could seemed straight forward but the hindrance may showed up in its execution.

“Funding of revenue to exercise the 2021 proposed budget is one of the pivotal obstruction that the government has to deal with.

“ Especially in this situation that the COVID-19 pandemic has led to the decline of the price of crude oil in the international market,” he told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).


He cited that the Buhari’s administration should be lauded for enacting the proposed budget earlier to enabled the House of Assembly begins with the scrutiny on time.

“He said, since the proposed budget is deficit, I implored the government to lend fund in order to fueled the laid project.”

“ For the Federal Government to have a successful plan executed, they’ve to seek for the source of fund both in local and international financial institutions to implement the ascertain budget, which will still led to more debt incurred.”


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“Nonetheless, borrowing and being in debt to fix critical and indispensable infrastructural development which is irrefutable because of the hardship the country economy encountered.”

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