A Step To The Top

Just like a bricklayer without a brick or block to lay, achieving his aims seems so impossible.

One of the vital ways to achievement and step to the top, is the Almighty; The Greatest Guidance.

He is our Guide.
The Creator of all creativities.

The mighty.
Our Strength.
God, of the Universe.

His blessings and mercies can never be underestimated.
And I believe HE is capable and has control over everything.

Like they say, “what will be will be, and what will never be, will never”.

However, some destinies are meant to change if you seek HIS guidance, which I believe is a step to the top, because, achievements and happiness with devoids HIM, is a fortune over misfortune.

Although, it takes a lot, through tears, smiles, laughs, sadness, pains, to attain achievements.

Happiness is an Achievement, and Achievements without Happiness is just a job well done.

To strive is to aim, to achieve is a blessing.

Written by, Aishat Jumat

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